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The Meeting Place

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The Meeting Place

Prints of this painting are available, although the original piece has been sold.

Prints are Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

Select the mounted option to have your print embossed with a linen texture and mounted on a matboard with the depth of 1/8". This option is ideal if you do not want glass in front of your print while it is on display. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.


The story of Lehi's dream as found in the Book of Mormon has such a significant meaning to me. It is such a wonderful visual of what is truly important–seeking for and tasting of everlasting happiness, real happiness, through the Atonement of Christ. Also, there is such an emphasis in this story of the importance of wanting your loved ones to taste of that happiness too. I love visualizing all of my loved ones meeting me there and all of us filled with so much joy. Someday I hope to paint a family picture with the Tree of Life in the background. I took careful consideration in naming this piece–I wanted it to be more than just the "Tree of Life", I wanted it to signify the importance of this as a destination place. I have named it "The Meeting Place" to be a reminder to all of us that we CAN, and SHOULD SEEK to meet our loved ones here because of Christ. I like to think that by displaying this print in your home, that it can be a constant reminder to those in your home that this is your family's worthy goal. 

I sold this piece at the Inspirational Art Association Christmas Art Showcase and Sale to a family that has participated repeatedly in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. The father has played the roles of Lehi, and of the Angel in Lehi's Dream in the pageant. I could tell that this piece had such meaning for them. The original painting has gold leaf delicately applied to surround each piece of fruit to give it more of a "glow". This piece has a lot of meaning for me as well, and I was surprised that I shed a few tears as I was parting with it as it went to its buyers, but experienced a feeling of gratitude that it found such a perfect home.