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Heavenly Parents

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Heavenly Parents

Prints are Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

Select the mounted option to have your print embossed with a linen texture and mounted on a matboard with the depth of 1/8". This option is ideal if you do not want glass in front of your print while on display.   

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My goal here is to portray the companionship and love that Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother have for eachother and the world. They are aware of all, ad love all. I also want others to see this image and think of how this applies to them personally into the eternities. This is a goal that we have to one day reach in our marriage relationships.


I had been thinking about my Heavenly Parents, especially after they changed the wording to the Young Women theme to "I am a daughter of Heavenly Parents" instead of just "Heavenly Father". I had the idea in my mind for a while, with a few sketches planned out. I hoped to have it done for my Christmas show at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in December, but I had so many deadlines and such a busy schedule that it seemed that I would just have to wait. One morning I got this feeling like I just needed to start on it and not wait any longer. I had a frame already for it, but still had to cut down a panel to the correct size to fit the frame to paint on. When I went to look at my remnant panel piece, I made a double take. This looked like it might already fit in the frame. I grabbed the piece and put it next to the frame, and would you know what? It slid right in and fit exactly. I felt that was a little tender mercy and a boost to get it done, but also to get it done in time for the show I wanted to put it in. Pieces don't just randomly happen to fit like that–I always seem to be cutting down my panels for different pieces. This was a large one too and I would have to get all the cutting equipment out and that can be a tedious process. I said a little prayer of thanks and started with my painting.